La Casa Grande

ID Studio Theater


 A New Haven Project

February 2016 

Directed by Germán Jaramillo

Based on the short story “Casa Tomada” by Julio Cortázar
Script by Oscar Gonzalez Barreto


Bregamos Community Theater

491 Blatchley Ave, New Haven, CT 06513


The “La Casa Grande” or “The Great House” is a theater project that fosters and gives direct expression to the range of talent, diversity, and strength of the Hispanic community in a city where this community has been largely overlooked. Through partnerships with two community organizations—the Bregamos Community Theater, and immigrant rights organization Unidad Latina en Acción—ID Studio seeks to use theater as a medium to initiate and encourage dialogue between the emergent Hispanic community and New Haven at large.

The first phase of the project—intensive weekly acting workshops began Summer 2014—and culminated in the production and performance (February 2016) of a new work of theater: an imaginative adaptation of Cortázar’s “La Casa Tomada,” through which each of these actors will tell part of their own story.

Led by ID Studio’s Artistic Director Germán Jaramillo, the “Casa Tomada” project combines internationally-acclaimed acting methods and repertoire of the highest level with individual voices and experiences of the Hispanic community in New Haven.