Group helps train aspiring artists to create short films

A local organization is helping Bronx residents tap into their creative side with neighborhood documentaries.

The Mott Haven Home Movies: South Bronx Cribs program is a joint effort between iD Studio Theater and BronxArtSpace. It provides residents with 10 free weeks of training on how to shoot, produce and edit their own short films and documentaries.

Lucia Della Paolera, project director of film location at the Paterson Houses, says it's important to represent the South Bronx and have the resources and tools to share the stories of residents there.

Erielkina Pizarro, a mother of two, is making a documentary about 73-year-old Maria Rodriguez, who is from Puerto Rico and serves as the caretaker of a homegrown garden.

Pizarro says she choose the South Bronx native to be the subject of her film to give longtime residents a voice. The 23-year-old says she hopes to one day become a television photographer.

The documentaries will air in April.

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