support the work of id studio theater

Un rico y tres pobres 2.jpg

Thank you for supporting ID Studio‚Äôs children as they use the power of art to enrich their lives this summer while creating public sculptures as a lasting gift to the South Bronx!  

According to the Lenape who lived in this land before us, before creation, there was nothing, an empty darkness. However, in this emptiness there existed a spirit. In that emptiness, he eventually fell asleep. While he slept he dreamt of the world as we know it today, the Earth with mountains, forests, and animals. He also dreamt of man. When he woke up, the animals who helped him with the creation were the wolf, the bear, the deer and the turtle. In the spirit of creation, therefore, we ask you to be:


Wolves    $50
Bears      $500
Deer        $1,000
Turtle      $5,000