"Between Two Worlds" is a project in three parts by writer Toby Campion that celebrates the distinct music and culture of three Latin American countries: Colombia, Mexico and Cuba. Campion's trilogy is based on two plays that were produced separately in LA, and a third that will move beyond the Hispanic community in LA for its debut in New York. ID Studio will recreate the entire trilogy in the context of the immigrant community in New York. With colloquial humor, each play evokes a specific milieu - the first play, "Cumbia of my Heart," explores the Colombian coast of the 1940s with its catchy cambia beat; the second, "The Power of Pedro Infante," looks at immigrant life in Los Angeles, with the nostalgia for the "golden age" of Mexican music/movies of the 1950s. The third play, "Heavenly Pachanga," is set in the barrios of present-day New York. It will showcase the Afro-Cuban roots of salsa music by bringing back from the dead two luminaries who were there at its inception: Celia Cruz and Arsenio Rodriguez. 


ID studio will develop the trilogy with Toby Campion, the playwright, who is associated with the BILINGUAL FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS in LA. Director German Jaramillo will work with professional actors, musicians and dancers to train a dozen young performers from African-American, Cuban and other Latino communities in the Bronx and Queens. Those who are musicians and dancers will be trained as actors over the course of three months to form a corps de ballet, and a chorus of six voices. Pablo Mayor will compose original music based on the work of Celia Cruz 

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