Viernes de Poesia y bronx


Organized by award-winning Colombian poet Fátima Vélez Giraldo.

A monthly themed poetry reading series that began in September 2016, "Viernes de Poesía y Bronx" is free and open to the public featuring diverse poets reading in Spanish and English.


A Poetic Jamming is a collective reading in which those who read link to each other - bridge- thus proposing themes and narrative threads in real time. There is no pre-established order; there is where improvisation lies. The authors bring finished, edited texts; a Poetic Jamming is not a slam. The counterpoint is created when each poet "follows the lead" of who preceded him or her, and only participates when she or he has a text that is somehow related to the previous text. 


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    ID Studio Theater

    311 East 140th Street, Bronx, NY 10454