The Trilogy Between Two Worlds


Cumbia de mi corazón is the first of three plays that comprise the trilogy “Between Two Worlds,” a celebration of Latin American music and culture from the 1940s to 1960s. This period was marked by the creation of musical genres and styles that has greatly influenced world music down to our present time. The three plays also share a common metaphysical take on our visible, earthly world as an extension of the invisible and the heavenly, the two realities existing simultaneously and in parallel.  

Cumbia was first performed in 2010, staged by the Fundación Bilingüe de las Artes de Los Angeles, directed by Germán Jaramillo. The second play, Pedro Infante y la suegra triunfante, opened in the same theater in 2012, directed by Denise Blasor. In 2017, ID Studio Theater staged it in New York City with the title Pedro Infante: cien años pienso en tí. The third play in the trilogy , Arsenio, is based on Afro-cuban music. It is expected to open in the Fall of 2019, presented by ID Studio Theater in the Bronx.