Its lines feel like knives that pierce the skin, reclaiming social justice and understanding among all beings on earth. An incredible actor, intense and gripping, a true master of the craft.
— Impacto Latino Magazine, New York

Written by Alejandro Gómez

Directed by Germán Jaramillo

Starring Nelson Celis


Alexandra, a trans immigrant working as a prostitute in Queens, tells us, in a darkly humorous piece, her deepest secrets: her sexual initIation, the discovery of love, exile, separation, the border crossing, New York, Queens, her return to prostitution… purgatory.

El cielo y el dolor (Paradise and Pain) is a love story, beautiful and piercing like love itself. It’s a story of survival, sacrifice, of a loneliness so deep that it forces us to escape our cages only to find ourselves entrapped in other even bigger cages, as we try to live, to finally find happiness, and to touch, even if only for a moment, paradise.

Winner of a 2018 HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors) award, in the category “Outstanding Performance in a a show for One Actor.”