Our newly renovated home in Mott Haven has opened up new space for creative work in the South Bronx community.

ID Studio holds workshops, training and performances at the house and in the surrounding neighborhood, including the production of a series of new Colombian plays; readings by young Latinx poets, slam poets and playwrights; films; concerts, performances in local libraries, schools, and for groups from the housing projects; and Community-Building Theater (CBT) and other workshops.

Musicians from Folklore Urbano give classes and concerts, including performances for exhibitions at the Bronx Arts Space and a summer performance at Brook Park. Pablo Mayor has also created a recording studio for his group and others in the barrio.

Community-Building Theater (CBT) workshops

ID Studio provides Transformative Organizing and Leadership training for students from 15-75 years old. Innovative workshops address community vision for arts and cultural equity, community leadership, education, communication and public speaking, and understanding power structures and our role in them. Workshops are held once a week throughout the year, with a final performance.