NOVEMBER 5TH-8TH, Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center

-The festival promotes and presents the best Latino American companies from
around the world-


We are VERY HAPPY to announce the program of our FIRST EDITION OF ‘LATITUDES DANCE FESTIVAL NYC’, an event that will celebrate the beautiful work of dance companies and choreographers from Nicaragua, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US. We want all of you to be part of the beginning of this unique and beautiful dance experience!

The festival is an exciting and brand-new NYC based platform, that promotes and presents Latino American companies and choreographers from different parts of the world. Our director Daniel Fetecua is the founder and producer of the festival which will have a program with choreographies that will leave you speechless.

Latitudes Dance Festival will be part of the Borimix Festival, a month long, city-wide festival of Puerto Rican artists working in film, theatre, poetry, dance, music and the visual arts.

This year we have the honor to have stunning companies and choreographers such
as Teatro El Grupo (Medellin, Colombia) and the master Daystar/Rosalie Jones 
(Pembina Chippewa, USA.)

TEATRO GRUPO (Medellín, Colombia)

We are very happy to have this group for the very first time in The US. They are a multidisciplinary cast of young artists with Down's Syndrome who bring their artistic sensibility, musical theater talent and enthusiasm to the stage with two beautiful dances:  
Stories of Forbidden Love and Alice in Wonderland.
 El Grupo Theater is renowned throughout South America for creating an inclusive artistic experience that breaks barriers, changes perspectives and offers extraordinary theatrical adaptations.

DAYSTAR/ROSALIE JONES, (Pembina Little Shell Chippewa-USA)

We have the honor to have Daystar/Rosalie Jones, pioneer in native modern dance, and her dance company Daystar which brings the stories, choreography and music of indigenous peoples to the stage. Daystar/Rosalie Jones (Pembina Chippewa) specializes in “native modern dance” as seen through the perspective of ancestry, cultural values and a lifetime of experience in North American Indigenous dance and music. She is recognized as a “pioneer” in the field, being mentored by Mexican American choreographer Jose Limón. In 1980 Rosalie Jones founded Daystar: Contemporary Dance Drama of Indian America, now considered to be the first native (Indigenous) modern dance company in the USA.