ID Studio Theater is proud to announce our summer 2018 project "Fábrica de Sueños," a Spanish-language four-week arts camp for South Bronx kids. Through daily arts workshops running Monday - Friday from July 16 to August 12, 2018, at ID Studio and Brook Park, kids in the "factory of dreams" will explore Mott Haven's urban and natural environment, its rich cultural and artistic heritage, and their personal and collective roles in imagining and building the neighborhood's future. 

Conceived of by Visiting Artist for this project, the Colombian sculptor and public artist, Luis Guillermo Vallejo Vargas ("Memo"), "Fábrica de Sueños" is a multi dimensional, sensory experience combining sculpture, music, dance, theater, and nature to nurture social, cultural, and environmental awareness in the lives of South Bronx youth. 

Kids who participate in “Fábrica de Sueños” will have daily workshops in....

  • Music with Anna and Pablo Mayor of Folklore Urbano, through which kids will experiment with range of instruments and Latin-American musical styles.


  • Dance with Daniel Fetecua of Pajarillo Pinta'o, exploring a mix of modern and traditional Colombian dance, in collaboration with the music workshops


  • Theater with ID Studio actors and directors Nelson Celis and Jamie Vanegas.


  • Art and meditation with Artist-in-Residence Luis Guillermo Vallejo Vargas, who ran a pilot version of "Fábrica de Sueños" in Manizales, Colombia.


  • Nature walks, and gardening in collaboration with Brook Park.


  • Free home-cooked lunch and snacks made with locally grown produce when possible and healthy ingredients.



Throughout the four-week camp, Memo and the project participants will make colorful large-scale sculptures based on the campers’ dreams, artwork and the neighborhood's heritage. These sculptures will installed at ID Studio and Brook Park for the summer, with the potential for permanent public installation later. With the creation of these sculptures, neighborhood youth will brighten the city, building a sense of personal and collective pride in their daily environment. 



Through daily music, theater and dance workshops, during "Fábrica de Sueños" we will create a multidisciplinary interactive performance piece based on discoveries about Mott Haven's natural and built environment, heritage, and traditions. Kids from the community will be actively involved in every part of the process, using what they learn in the Factory of Dreams to make sets, costumes and props, and to develop and perform dance, music and theater pieces. The final presentation will explore and celebrate the complex diversity and potential of the Mott Haven community, encouraging both the young performers and audiences of all ages to take pride and active roles in exploring the neighborhood's past, living responsibly in its present, and imagining and planning for its future.


Take part in building the “Factory of Dreams” by making your tax-deductible donation now! 


For more information about "Fábrica de Sueños" or to inquire about signing up please write us at info@idstudiotheater.org


"Fábrica de Sueños" is made possible through a "Challenge America" grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and through contributions from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the Puffin Foundation.